From house painter to specialized tank maintenance

Tankcleaning Benelux started in the 1960s as house painter Jan Romp’s one-man business. After a couple of years, Jan was assigned a job at Hoogovens in IJmuiden: painting a cryogenic tank installation. This job was executed to the mutual satisfaction of both parties, so Jan began to focus more and more on servicing and painting increasingly larger tanks. The demand for this specialist segment of the painting business was large and the supply of painters with this specific expertise was small.

Thus, a small house painter became a big name in the ‘tank maintenance world.’ In the early 90s, son Richard Romp took over Tankcleaning Benelux, servicing the tank installations for the clients of large companies, such as Linde Gas, Air Liquide, Air Products and Messer. The techniques and materials have developed, the workforce has expanded and the company has grown apace with the safety and environmental requirements imposed on this sector. 


Safe & eco-friendly

As an innovative company, we always strive to work safer, better and more eco-friendly. Modern techniques enable us to work safer, and to create more safety on the grounds and in the buildings surrounding the storage tanks. We use more and more sustainable products that are better able to withstand (changing climatic) weather conditions. We also constantly search for products that harm the environment even less. 

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